All the tutors at the college of homeopathy are very knowledgeable, inspirational and supportive, I couldn’t have graduated without them.

Claire Zarb, LCPH, London

The support at The CPH has been fantastic; from knowing nothing about homeopathy to giving me a great insight into health, as well as the confidence to take my own patient cases – all supported by very motivating and encouraging tutors.

Ish Vadgama, LCPH, London

Toxins of all sorts, food without nutrition, drugs prescribed and unprescribed, lack of exercise, excess and obesity, surgery and organ removal, inflammatory diseases of ‘unknown’ cause from early childhood: what is a homeopath to do faced with layer upon layer of such disturbances so often encountered in today’s client? CPH and practical homeopathy do not simply search for a single remedy to cure all. CPH teaches approaches to a patient and their life which allow for a choice of more than twelve systematic homeopathic methodologies, all tried and tested over at least 100 years, to be used in combination or singly as appropriate. Through challenging case analysis and repertory work, the CPH student learns how to identify and plan a suitable procedure to follow in each unique case, as well as to select the remedie(s) with the best fit. “I am so glad I chose this course which addresses all these issues in a clear step-wise manner. The learning materials take you through all of the above, gradually building a body of principles that make sense in terms of the whole of each client’s life and health. Monthly tutorials provide support and challenge and the supervised student clinic enables you to put the principles into practise from early on, whilst also learning with other students. CPH provides a toolkit that is complete. No area or style of homeopathy is unfamiliar to me. I may be far from expert, but given time, I feel I could offer a service to anyone, no matter how complex. Thank you.” David Houghton BA, MSc, DipHP, PGCEA (retired nurse practitioner, teacher and medical educator)

David Houghton - Nurse Practitioner

I would like to fully recommend program of CPH because of many positive aspects, but mostly because of perfect structure of the program, great support during studies and encouraging guidance. As a full time employed nurse I appreciated the flexibility of the course. Many thanks to all staff in CPH for patience and support on my journey of transformation from allopathic way of thinking to real healing system.

Anna Kuprova - Nurse

Coming from traditional medical background, I initially found it challenging to change the way I think, but the way the program unfolded as I advanced in the modules helped me achieve that, and Ellen was a wonderful tutor, who was always available to help make things clearer to me. She always showed me support, and her encouragements and monthly chats were crucial to my moving forward in the studies. CPH’s graduate program for health professionals is an amazing program with a lot of resources and support systems that train a healthcare practitioner to become a homeopath. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this program and the tutors.

Dayana Davidis

I feel that I climbed to Everest with the help of CPH. CPH has a wonderful course. It consists from anatomy, homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, which is a unique education for me. Constant support by emails, skype consultation was very important. Thank you for your remarkable programme!

Elmira Khafizova

I found the rounded and inclusive approach to the different approaches to homeopathy by CPH to be both refreshing and welcoming. I was lucky to have Ellen Kramer (also principal of the college) as my personal tutor; her enthusiasm for homeopathy is infectious and her expertise and wide experience very apparent. Ellen’s commitment to homeopathy, her patients and her students was obvious and I very much felt that it was her intent to help all her students to achieve their full potential.


I have loved every second of my studies with CPH: it has opened a whole new world up to me, and I now never intend to stop learning and developing my skills. The education I have received from CPH brilliantly equips the practitioner for practising Homeopathy in modern day life. Even when life threw me some big personal challenges, the support I received from my tutor was second to none, and allowed me to quickly get back on track with confidence. I could not have asked for better support. I am so excited about beginning my journey as a homeopath; I feel I have all I need to fly the nest!

Lorraine Whitby

I enjoyed the course at CPH very much, right from the moment I started. My allocated personal supervisor kept guiding me through every step. She was friendly and supportive as well as being very experienced with lots of patience. Working at my own pace, I was fully satisfied with the experience and we highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Homeopathy.

Narihito Matsunaga

My training and learning experience in CPH gave me a new perspective to the way I view illness, how people get sick and how to deal with it. I discovered new tools and new ways of viewing the body and its healing power. The structure of the course was perfect for me and fit well with my training as a medical doctor. My tutor was very supportive, knowledgable and experienced. In my journey with CPH, I discovered a lot about myself as well, it was a journey of self discovery, growth and maturity. I was given a chance to have the option of integrating homeopathy into medical practice or choosing to work solely with homeopathy. l will be forever grateful to CPH and my tutor.

Nihad Abdallah

Completing the Post Graduate Licentiate after finishing the part-time training many years ago initially felt like repeating the course. However, from the very first call with my tutor I knew I was in for a treat. It re-ignited my passion for Homeopathy, which now at the end of the course burns like a blacksmiths forge! The biggest gain for me has been the depth to which the importance of the methods approach to case analysis has been ingrained into my development of casework and patient care. It has given me the confidence to prescribe and manage the case overtime. The right method delivers the clarity to be able to analyse the case and prescribe the best remedy knowing which potency and frequency and why because you are prescribing with a target in mind. The challenge was to simplify the approach in the light of a plethora of symptoms, medications and mental emotional pressures that previously had swamped and overwhelmed my clarity of thinking. The multi-faceted approach of the course to highlight the importance of nutritional depletions and stress factors that impede our patients ability to heal has been without doubt one of the cornerstones to developing my sense of what kind of practitioner I inspire to be. I will be eternally grateful to Ellen for her courage, vision and unparalleled expertise as a gifted teacher and healer and the generosity to want to share it. I wholeheartedly recommend this course, especially to those like myself who didn’t quite make it the first time round. This was my time to qualify and in completing the Post Graduate Course I have gained more than I could of envisaged.

Sara Galbraith, London

When I discovered the Postgraduate Licentiate in Homeopathy for healthcare professionals I did not hesitate to enrol. For me it has been an amazing journey of learning and also one of self-discovery. As a holistic chiropractor it has given me renewed vitality and passion in my practice and more success in helping my patients recover their health. I particularly liked the self-directed online learning with a tutor and the practical application of homeopathy at CPH for the twenty first century patient. Thank you, especially to Ellen Kramer, my tutor, who completely resonated with my healing philosophy.

Vanessa Churchill BSc (Chiro) LHom

The homeopathy training i have completed with CPH has been an incredible learning experience. The practical nature of the teaching is incredibly important in this day and age and the course prepares the student for the modern world of toxicity and complex chronic illness as well as acute diseases and emergencies. The course has given me a strong understanding of homeopathy as well as a framework in which to place homeopathic treatment, in terms of how it fits in with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and allopathic medicine. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone who is interested in homeopathy.

Wendy Bloomfield

After homeopathy helped me personally with my own health issues where conventional medicine came short, I was so amazed by the power of homeopathy that within a week after my homeopathic session I researched the available courses and I selected CPH to sign up with based on their practical application of homeopathy. I have done the 3-year course. The commitment needed for the course is serious. I would not say this is something one can study alongside other courses because the extensive amount of information the course provides requires exclusive focus. The best part is the practical part of the course where one gets to practice real life homeopathy with real life patients in a student's clinic. Fantastic way to observe the ways body heals and to gain confidence should one wish to open their own practice.

Veronika Steenson

CPH provides by far the most praxis-oriented and comprehensive curriculum in postgraduate level in Homeopathy for already practicing health care professionals. The student is encouraged and enormously supported by a well-structured approach, to implement the theory into praxis and to gain confidence and clear understanding of how to deal with complicated cases by analyzing with timeline and choosing the correct method or combination of methods at each stage. Other essential tools to enhance the homeopathic treatment are part of the teaching material, such as herbs, nutrition and supplements widening the options. Furthermore, other energetic models are incorporated into curriculum, such as the Chakra system and the Chinese five Elements Model/Meridian system. Hence the understanding of pathogenesis from energetic point of view was enlightened and my ability to analyze the cases in more precise way was further sharpened by analogy from different energetic perspectives. Last but not least, I must mention the great support and productive feedback from the tutor, Som, which enabled me to focus on the essence of the teaching and to develop and adopt a more practical approach on tailoring the treatment plan.

Marios Matheou - Naturopathic Doctor