Sophie Wright of Homeopathy with Sophie

Sophie is trained and a holder of certificates for

I’ve always been very interested in health and fitness and when my children were young, I decided to turn my love of sport into a profession and became a personal trainer, helping individuals realise their exercise goals.

I soon realised that a person’s health is greatly affected by their underlying physical and emotional health and nutritional status. Without working with the person as a whole, it was often a struggle to gain the benefits that just exercising regularly should achieve.

A chance meeting with a Homeopath, at this time, encouraged me to study the therapy for the next four years and it was the turning point in the health of both myself and my family. Having studied at CPH, I have never really left, becoming a tutor for the college within months of qualifying. The team at CPH are all focused on developing the very best homeopaths for the future, proving fantastic course material and a number of additional webinars and student support options that expand their learning and build confidence in their knowledge and understanding.

I consider myself very lucky. Each day I get up and look forward to going to work!!