Signing up to study homeopathy with CPH has felt like being swept up into the most supportive, caring and wise pair of arms! Five months in, I am still blown away by the continued support and encouragement offered at every step of this fascinating journey. I am SO impressed by the sheer scale of knowledge and insight into the world of homeopathy the college Directors, tutors and students alike have to offer. It is both infectious and thrilling. That students are actively encouraged to take patient cases early on, thus enabling the fully qualified homeopath to hit the ground running with a solid repertoire of real life experiences, is the icing on the cake! I feel extremely blessed and thankful to have chosen the CPH to study with.

Frances Spalding
Professional Licence for Non-Practitioners

This is an online Homeopathic course, open to all those wishing to undertake professional training in homeopathy and or comprehensively review their own health and health issues. The Professional Training in Homeopathy is delivered as an online, blended, and E-learning course, ideal for students due to its flexibility, as well as the benefits of being a cost & time effective way of studying.​ We attract a wide range of students from all walks of life and different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities.


If You:
Then this course is right for you.
If You Want to:
Then this is the right homeopathic college for you.
Modules 1-10
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Certificate in Homeopathy

1st level of Professional Training

This level is ideal for you if you:

Modules 11-20
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Diploma in Homeopathy

2nd level of Professional Training

At this level, the emphasis is on putting theory into practice and leads to students who:

Modules 21-30
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Licentiate in Homeopathy

3rd level Professional Training

This course is open to those who have already completed the Certificate in Homeopathy (Level 1) and the Diploma in Homeopathy (Level 2).