Linda Sizer of Linda Sizer Homeopathy

Linda is trained and a holder of certificates for

Linda Sizer is a qualified Homeopath based in Essex, United Kingdom. In addition to homeopathy her practice includes Homeobotanicals, iridology, herbal tinctures, flower essence and nutritional supplements that are natural, safe and effective.

My interest in holistic therapies and use of homeopathy started in my mid-teens, following a serious riding accident, when the treatment I received from a homeopath was fundamental to my recovery. This lead me to qualify in Crystal, Reiki, and Rahanni Healing and subsequently as an Ascension teacher. Attending an introductory day at the College of Practical Homeopathy had me hooked and there was no turning back. The generosity of the tutors and my enthusiasm for the subject resulted in me managing the Student Clinic for two-years.

I am passionate about supporting individuals to feel healthier and happier. This often involves detoxifying, balancing hormones, processing emotional trauma or grief, reviewing gut health and energy balancing techniques. My practice covers a broad spectrum of health issues but one area of interest is babies that have experienced trauma at birth, children with development issues and learning difficulties.

As a CPH Tutor my aim is to support and encourage homeopathy students to realise their full potential.