Francesca Cairns of Cairns Holistic Homeopathy

Francesca is trained and a holder of certificates for

My studies began in 1982 at the Churchill Centre. I did not begin with the thought of a career change, but because I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. I studied Massage, Physiology & Anatomy with Prof Arnold-Taylor and Aromatherapy with Shirley Price. To my delight I passed my exams in 1984.

At the time I was working with a Natural Health Company, which was expanding fast and relocating outside London; I decided it was time to put my newfound skills to work. I found a small multi-disciplinary clinic in Hampstead and The Aromatherapy Centre in Hendon, run by Franzesca Watson, Director of Natural by Nature. From 1984 to 1989 I continued my studies and received Certificates & Diplomas in Sports Injury & Therapy and Teaching Diploma from ITEC.

By the late eighties, with additional skills I joined another small multi-disciplinary center; Muswell Healing Arts. I was also approached to teach Anatomy & Physiology & Massage to students at Ealing Adult Education College, and New Malden College and Oaklands College, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

In the mid nineties I felt I needed to rekindle my passion for Complementary Health and returned to education at the University of Westminster to study a Master of Arts in Therapeutic Bodywork, I spent a wonderful 2 years immersed in a world of exploration of physical discipline in all its forms both Eastern & Western and emerged with a Masters Degree in 1997.

In 1998 I joined Barnet Community Health Council, in addition to running my Muswell Hill practice. I trained and worked for 6 years in the NHS, providing Healthcare information to the public and acting as an Advocate for patients with NHS healthcare issues. In 2001, whilst still in the NHS I achieved a Certificate of Advocacy with Essex University.

In 2007 I gained a further qualification, a Certificate in Training Practice, studied at Girton College, University of Cambridge.

I believe learning is for life so when a client, I had treated before, walked into my therapy room I noticed a significant change in her energy.  I asked what she had been doing.  She was studying Angelic Reiki.  Fascinated I enrolled myself on a course in 2007 and completed all modules 1,2,3, & 4 plus Professional Practitioner and Master Teacher Certification in 2012.

In 2013 – I commenced a professional course of Training in Homeopathy with The College of Practical Homeopathy in London  In 2017 – I qualified as a Homeopath and now have a private practice in Hertfordshire and Co Manage the London based College of Practical Homeopathy Student Clinic.